Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Love Christian School expensive?

A: North Love Christian School, compared to other private schools, is relatively inexpensive and affordable. Discounts are offered for each child after the first fully paid child.

What are some of the activities in the school throughout the year?

North Love Christian School has many activities that the students are able to participate in throughout the year. Many performances, field trips, and special days are celebrated each semester. The school participates in a Spirit Week (when each day has a special theme and students dress accordingly), 100th Day (special activities event during the second semester), pep rallies (sports preparation event for tournaments), and many more exciting days!

How is Christian education different from public school education?

A Christian education has a Biblical and academic focus, with the high priority of honoring the Lord in every subject. In each classroom fundamentals are taught, and the specifics are expounded upon. The classrooms of North Love Christian School are designed to cater to the needs of each grade, and the lessons have been prepared with each individual student in mind.

At what age is my child eligible for North Love K4 program?

Students should be four years old by September 1 to be eligible for our K4 program. We have screening sessions scheduled throughout the year to determine the readiness of individual students. 

What is the maximum class size?

To facilitate optimum learning we strive to maintain the following class sizes: K4 (10-12 students),  Kindergarten through Grade 3 (15-18 students), and Grades 4 through 12 (18-20 students).

What are school hours?

Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30am. School hours are 8:00am-3:00pm.  For an additional fee, the After School Care provides supervised student activities, through 6 pm, available to all students.

What are the tuition costs at North Love?

Please visit the Download Forms page for this year’s tuition expenses.

What about technology?

Our parents enjoy RenWeb which enable them to view weekly lesson plans, assignments, grades, and test dates.  It also allows our parents to change their information, access school directories,, calendars, and volunteer opportunities and receive electronic news from school staff.
Seventh-Twelfth grade students enjoy a state of the art computer lab.  We are introducing Mimio Smart boards this fall.

Does the school have Junior High and High School sports?

North Love Christian School has a solid reputation in the state of Illinois for its athletic competition.  We are a member of the Illinois Association of Christian Schools and offer soccer and basketball for boys and volleyball and basketball for girls in grades 6 through 12.

Can my child visit North Love before deciding?

Yes, for students in grades 1-12 you may visit the school at any time.  Just call the Admissions Office to set up a time.