9th-12th Grade


HSThe North Love High School is comprised of students in grades 9-12, a faculty of degreed professionals, and a new campus. In September ’09, the new high school building opened its doors to students. This new ¬†facility has enhanced our academic rigor and enriched our extra-curricular programming. ¬†The new building includes a state of the art science lab, a choir and band room, computer lab, and classroom facilities.

While we are very proud of this new structure, we are excited about the professional faculty and staff who have chosen to make North Love their career home. To achieve a rigorous academic atmosphere, we strive to hire teachers who meet simple criteria: mastery in their subject area, strong teaching skills, a mentor’s heart, and a love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As teachers, we partner with parents in the education of students for service and ministry. Our goal is to equip students for a lifetime of serving, and we believe that God calls people to be preachers, missionaries, teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, business owners, and scores of other professions for the sake of the Gospel of Christ. We take this goal very seriously and are proud to serve as educators of students who are changing the world for Christ.

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