7th-8th Grade


The junior high years are marked with much change and growth. At North Love the staff focuses on walking with students and parents through these transitional years.  Our desire is to help students focus on their spiritual, academic, artistic, and athletic gifts and talents.  This will help them grow and mature into faithful men and women who love and serve their Lord in the church and in the community. Faculty and staff will partner with parents to develop respectful relationships, an excelling work ethic, and a trustworthy character in these foundational years of student life.

The curriculum is designed to challenge students academically while developing their Biblical worldview. Young adolescents undergo rapid physical, intellectual, and moral growth, and they waiver between concrete and abstract thinking. They deal with tremendous pressure from peers and society, all the while searching for acceptance, identity, purpose, and security. It is our desire to provide an emotionally safe and secure environment guided by the Holy Spirit, where they will find their identity and purpose in Christ.  This Biblical environment will provide a solid foundation for the pursuit of excellence during their high school years.

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